The Latest Addition to the Gordon River: A Dolphin Calf!

In recent weeks, we have heard from our guests and crew; reported sightings of one of the Gordon River’s newest residents – A baby dolphin!

We’re giving these two (the calf and its mother) plenty of space so it’s impossible to tell at this point. They have been seen in the channels sticking very closely together. Only a few feet in length at this point, you and our other guests will almost certainly have an “awww” moment if she decides to show off for you.

Most baby dolphins will stay very close to their mothers until a certain age, as this is a common trait among many mammals. Adult dolphins will take care of their babies when they are young to teach them the necessary skills to get their food and also to protect them. We actually wrote an entire blog about the dophins that are native to Florida, the Bottlenose Dolphin. You can check it out, along with more, very cool pictures, HERE.

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