Celebrating the Holidays, the Naples Way!

The typical American holiday ritual is one that most of us know very well: Spending time at home with the family, having a bountiful mid-afternoon feast, and spending most of the day relaxing around the home. On Thanksgiving, many of us watch the Macy’s Parade in the morning and NFL football in the afternoon. For those of us who celebrate Christmas, this day also regresses to sitting in front of television watching one of those wonderful old classic movies.

While the usual “holiday routines” hold a special place in many of our hearts, it would be hard to say that lounging in front of the TV leaves your family with a truly memorable pastime.


Why sit around the house all day when you could go out on one of our tours or adventures? If you have family over for the holidays, enjoy some fresh air and a taste of paradise. See a dolphin or two, some bird life or even a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Even if it is keeping the kids or out of town guests occupied while preparing the feast, Pure Naples has much to offer.

If you still want that sporting excitement, Pure Naples can offer the “challenge of the sea” by getting you on the spot for catching that big one. Pure Naples has Deep Sea and Calm Bay fishing – and there is no need to miss out on the turkey. Both trips are available early in the morning or in the afternoon.

With Christmas hot on the sled rails of Thanksgiving – what can be easier than Gift Certificates from Pure Naples. We have had many excited customers book a Sightseeing, Fishing, Jet Ski, Jet Boat tour or even a Boat Rental with a gift certificate they had been given. Make it a family day Christmas Picnic and take your picnic basket filled with your Christmas goodies on your rented boat down the Gordon River. Go ashore, have a meal and enjoy the day – no fuss!

These are just a few ways you can celebrate the holidays the Naples way! Or rather, the Pure Naples way! Feel free to give us a call to make this holiday an absolutely memorable one, at (888) 995-7010.