Come and See The ODIN at the Naples Boat Show!

We’re really looking forward to the 2012 Naples Boat Show. This is the 45th Annual Boat Show by MIACC, the Marine Industries Association of Collier County. Expect to see some of the finest boats around, PLUS exotic cars, RVs and more!

Last week we went into all the details about the ODIN – the newest addition to the Cruise Naples fleet. Well, the ODIN will be making its debut appearance on Saturday at the Naples Boat Show. You’ll be able to see it up close, ask questions, and you’ll even be able to sign up for a free ride on the maiden voyage!

Jet Boat Naples - The ODIN
The ODIN's first dip, in North Carolina where it was hand-built.

Here are some of the most notable features of the ODIN that you’ll be able to experience first-hand in February of 2012!

  • Powered by dual V8 jet propulsion systems – generating 770 horsepower!
  • It’s environmentally safe! No propellers or rudder
  • An all-aluminum, lightweight body
  • Extreme maneuverability with full 360 degree spin capability
  • Travels up to 52 MPH
  • Operating speed will be 35 MPH
  • Offers a smoother, quieter ride than propeller operated boats
  • A Thrilling, Safe and Enjoyable Experience
  • Beautiful Southwest Florida Setting

You can see why we’re so excited about the Boat Show. After all, the ODIN has been a major project for us since early 2011. To see it come to fruition marks a new chapter for Cruise Naples – and also brings Southwest Florida, and really the state, an attraction unlike any other!