Introducing Spring Fishing!

At Cruise Naples / Fish Naples, we’re welcoming the warmer waters as we near spring. April 1st may be April Fool’s Day but for us on the Gulf, the start of April means one thing – great fishing and that is no joke!

As the water warms up and the baitfish make their comeback, April brings promises of great fishing to the Gulf Coast. From practically baby gator-sized Grouper, to other fantastic fish, there’s nowhere else you would want to cast your line other than the Gulf Coast.

So, since the season for fishing is right around the corner, let’s start planning what to go after! The popular fish – Grouper, Snapper, Cobia, Spanish & King Mackerel, Pompano, Sheep Head, Red Fish and Shark – yes, you can catch Tarpon and Snook, but sadly they have to go back.

With the winter cold fronts behind us, we can finally look forward to the return of some of our favorite species. April marks the beginning of grouper season and the return of great catches like trout.

On reefs and mounds you’ll find plenty of snapper and grouper. They prefer to stay around older, more established reefs. Spanish Mackerel and Cobia are other species making their way to the Gulf during this time as well.

Other Species to Look For
In addition to the staple fish like Tarpon and Snook, there are many others to look for while out fishing in the springtime. White Snapper, Grey Snapper, Triggerfish, and Redfish will move closer in to shore as the water temperature rise. This will cut down the run time for charter boats.

If the water continues to warm-up through April, the fish will move even closer to the coast. This includes the big migration of King Mackerel as they follow the bait into that more shallow water.

If you’re ready to get fishing, contact Cruise Naples today. Our skilled captains know where all the sweet spots are so you’re sure to get the catch you’re looking for. We offer calm bay, deep sea and charter fishing for all your angling needs.

To book your next deep-sea, calm bay, private or head fishing trip or to make reservations on the LADY BRETT, NAPLES EXPLORER, KUDU or KUDU II, call us at 239-263-4949 today. We look forward to seeing you!

P.S. Stay tuned for more fishing details and mark your calendar for June 1 when the infamous red snapper season kicks off!