Southwest Florida Goliath Grouper

Goliath Grouper are the two words that excite true anglers of SW Florida. Anglers are known to travel specifically to this area for just this fishing experience… or they may even be residents of Naples. Either way, the Goliath Groper is a prized catch!

At one time this prized fish was a threatened species, however the Florida Fish and Wildlife placed a ban on landing this fish onto any vessel back in the 90’S. Because of this, the Goliath Grouper has come back and are quite abundant in our gulf waters. They are especially prevalent around large wrecks or reefs. These fish can weigh in at 200 – 400 pounds and have been known to reach 800 pounds. As you can imagine, this requires heavy gear and Pure Naples has recently invested in the extreme fishing tackle required to catch these big guys. After experiencing the catch of 100 – 300 pound fish on 24 pound drag, we now can provide 44 pound drag to entice those extreme fish.

So give us a call for an opportunity to experience the “catch of a lifetime”. Pure Naples, (239) 263-4949 or you can click here to reserve your seats online.