Time for JET SKIS!

The last entry in this month’s series on different types of boats is actually NOT about a boat at all. This week we’ll be talking about personal watercrafts, commonly known as JET SKIS!

The term “Jet Ski” is actually Kawasaki’s brand of personal watercrafts. Since Kawasaki was the first company that mass-manufactured them back in 1975, their brand name has become the “generic” term for all personal watercrafts. This is similar to how the brand “Rollerblade” is the widely used term for inline skates, of how Velcro is the common term for hook-and-loop fasteners.

Here at Adventure Naples, we don’t have Kawasaki Jet Skis – we have Yamaha Waverunners, but our patrons still call them Jet Skis – and we aren’t going to argue!

At Adventure Naples, you can encounter dolphins up-close and adventure through the inland waterways with a Jet Ski rental.  We also offer guided Jet Ski adventure tours.  You can experience freedom on the water as you journey through a vast mangrove jungle and see Naples’ inner coastal and northern islands.

Unlike boats, Jet Skis have an inboard engine driving a pump jet that creates a thrust for propulsion and steering.  More jet skis are designed for two or three people, but some four-passenger models exist. Jet Skis are small, fast, and fairly easy to use.  Since they do not have external propellers, they are safer for swimmers and wildlife.

Cruise Naples Jet Ski
Most Jet skis have enough power for water skiing as well.
Cruise Naples Jet Skis
Some Jet Skis can also be used to perform freestyle tricks.

If you’re ready to take one of our Jet Skis out on the water, call us at 239.263.4949 to book your next adventure. You can also get more information or book online at www.CruiseNaplesFlorida.com!