What is a Catamaran?!

cat·a·ma·ran/?kat?m??ran: A Catamaran is a multi-hulled yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel, joined by a structure, with origins stemming back to fishing communities in the Polynesian islands.

Two vessels in our fleet of boats here at Cruise Naples are classified as “Catamarans”. The benefits of the Catamaran design for our passengers is the stable, smooth experience and comfort for those prone to motion sickness. The M/V Double Sunshine and the M/V Naples Explorer are two perfect examples of the pleasant feel of the Catamaran design:

One of the earliest catamaran designs was the Polynesian “Outrigger” canoe, which consisted of a support float, known as an outrigger, fastened to one or both sides of the main hull for stabilization. This primitive form of Catamaran allowed additional stabilization, which in turn allowed these fishing communities to reach farther distances.

The term Catamaran refers to a boat or ship with more than one hull, however that vague description can be characterized by a broad spectrum of sea-worthy vessels. Today’s Catamarans can be sail powered, engine powered, even human powered, as having more than one hull will give any watercraft additional stability. Let’s take a look at a few different types of multi-hull boats, demonstrating the concept:

Remember, If you would like to experience the smoother ride and expansive deck area of a Catamaran design in the Naples, Florida area, be sure to give us a call about one of our sightseeing or calm bay fishing cruises at 239.263.4949. Or, feel free to visit our new interactive website to book your next adventure at http://www.CruiseNaplesFlorida.com!

P?pao, Tonga, Cruise Naples
The Traditional P’pao of Tonga
Sweep-Row, Cruise Naples
The Sweep-Row Training Catamaran
Sailing Catamaran, Cruise Naples
The Formula 16 Sailing Catamaran
Planet Von Vorn, Cruise Naples
The Planet Von Vorn, a German Navy Research Ship
HSC Tarifa Jet, Cruise Naples
HSC Tarifa Jet, Transcontinental Ferry