Cruise Naples Safety Guidelines

Cruise Naples is here for your enjoyment, but we also care about your safety – on our vessels and others! Below are our Cruise Naples Safety Guidelines… please keep them mind while you enjoy our adventures, but also use them to enjoy your time on the water safely on other boats.

Wearing Lifejackets:

  • All vessels have the appropriate number of lifejackets for their mandated maximum number of passengers. For your safety, vessels cannot be overloaded.
  • If you cannot swim, or if you are uncomfortable on the water, please let marine personnel know.  We will issue you with a life jacket and assist to maintain your safety and comfort.
  • Other than for an emergency, no lifejackets should ever be removed from any vessel.

While Boarding:

  • Never jump on or off a boat or dock.
  • If you stand while on board, make sure you keep your stance wide and knees slightly bent to assist your balance. Always keep one hand free to hold on to the vessel.
  • When boarding, hand your personal items to a crewmember first, and then board yourself to ensure good balance.
  • Never overload yourself while moving around a boat. Always have one hand free and make use of handholds.
  • While a boat is traveling remain seated at all times and keep hands and feet inboard.
  • Do not handle any lines or ropes on a boat unless specifically asked to do so by a crewmember.

General Emergency Tips:

  • If you smell or see any smoke or flame, please notify the nearest vessel crewmember IMMEDIATELY.
  • If someone falls into the water, DO NOT GO IN AFTER THEM.
  • Point and keep an eye on the person in the water until they are recovered.
  • Throw them a flotation device immediately to both mark the spot and aid the person overboard.

What to wear:

  • Always wear appropriate footwear. Non-slip footwear is best.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing to protect you from the sun. Make sure to wear breathable clothing suitable for Florida’s warm climate.
  • Sealable plastic bags are recommended to store your personal electronic devices.
  • Sunscreen is highly recommended.

Staying hydrated:

  • To avoid heat and sun stroke, please drink plenty of water and ensure you remain well hydrated while on the water. Consideration must be given to Florida’s tropical climate, especially in the summer months.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine to aid in hydration.

Motion Sickness

  • To avoid motion sickness, drink plenty of water.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and greasy foods.

If you’re interested in joining us for a fun (and very safe) sightseeing or fishing cruises, or for your next adventure out on the water with our charters, boat or Jet Ski Rentals, please call us at (239)263-4949 or visit our website!