Introducing Jet Boat Naples!

Something REALLY cool is coming soon to Adventure Naples –  A completely new addition to our family and honestly North America: Jet Boat Naples!

We’re launching Jet Boat Naples in early 2012 as an all-new Southwest Florida attraction with The ODIN – the first Jet Boat in the Adventure Naples fleet! You can actually come and see it in person at the Naples Boat Show from January 27th to 29th! We’ll be posting all the details about the boat show shortly, but first, let’s make a few things clear:

We haven’t just built a jet boat; We’ve built a jet boat with some of the most sophisticated engineering and highest quality components in the world. The ODIN, custom made in New Zealand, is a 25-foot, 24-person plus 1 driver jet boat featuring lightweight all-aluminum construction, and two massive GM Vortec V8 engines. The highly sophisticated design, engineered for speed and agility, allows the ODIN to travel at speeds in excess of 50 MPH and perform some very exciting maneuvers! However, the vessel will not travel in excess of 35 MPH due to U.S. Coast Guard regulations.

The most unique aspect of the ODIN, however, is its jet propulsion system – consisting of dual Hamilton Waterjets! The level of quality in our jet propulsion system is very uncommon outside of military applications. They are built to handle A LOT of power – up to 6,500hp to be exact – so rest assured, Jet Boat Naples will offer the best Jet Boat experience around. However, there’s not really anything to compare it to for hundreds of miles!

Believe it or not, all that power and speed doesn’t come at the cost of other important factors like safety. Here are a few facts about jet-propelled watercrafts:

  1. Safety. Jet Boats have NO propellers or rudders – making swimmers, divers, and all Southwest Florida wildlife much safer. Not having propellers also means good things for local commercial fishermen, because there isn’t a propeller to get caught in the ropes attached to crab or lobster pots.
  2. Comfort. Compared to propeller-driven boats, jet boats result in less noise and on-board vibrations. They provide a smooth, relatively quiet ride.
  3. Maneuverability. Jet boats have excellent maneuverability, even at low speeds, because of something called “directed thrust”. When needed, force can be directed forward, backward, left or right, by controlling a component with the controls. This, in combination with the fact that there is no propeller, makes jet boats ideal for any narrow or shallow waterway.

The ODIN and Jet Boat Naples will launch in early 2012. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog and our website at for all the details on this new addition to the Cruise Naples family and also for details on our premiere at the 2012 Naples Boat Show!

Jet Boat Hull Cruise Naples
Pictures of the ODIN’s hull in the near-final construction stages.

The ODIN – Specs:

  • MANUFACTURER: Maxwell-Hall
  • LENGTH: 25 ft.
  • WIDTH: 10 ft.
  • MATERIAL: All aluminum construction
  • CAPACITY: 23 Persons
  • ENGINE: 2 x GM Vortec 6000 V8 (LV6), 385hp
  • PROPULSION: 2 x HJ212 Hamilton Waterjets
  • MAX SPEED: 45 knots / 52 mph
  • OPERATIONAL SPEED: 30 knots / 35 mph
  • OTHER SPECS: Marine Radio, GPS, Intercom, Stereo system and a hot red paint job!