Jet Boat Naples: The History, Significance and Representation of the Silver Fern

jet boat naples odinCruise Naples’ new jet boat, ODIN, has brought eco-thrill and excitement from New Zealand to Southwest Florida. The launch of Jet Boat Naples and ODIN might be an unfamiliar concept to North American eco-thrill seekers but to native New Zealanders, or “Kiwis,” jet boating is exceptionally popular and sought after by local and international tourists alike.

When looking at ODIN, the striking red paint is hard to miss, however the silver fern located towards the stern might create some wonder as to its significance. This is New Zealand’s silver fern and it represents pride and passion.


Father and son, business partners and owners of Cruise Naples, Captains Lance and Harry Julian are originally from New Zealand. As Kiwis, the addition of Jet Boat Naples to their company was an exciting and familiar concept. They wanted to tie in their passion for jet boating with the pride of their homeland, and placing a silver fern on the side of ODIN provided the perfect representation!

The silver fern, named for the silver underside of the frond, also known as ponga, is the national symbol of New Zealand. The fern leaf has been used as a distinguishing badge for New Zealand military formations, particularly during World War II and also to mark the graves of New Zealand servicemen in overseas countries.


The silver fern is native to New Zealand and according to New Zealand tradition, its fronds represent new life.

For over a century, the symbol of the silver fern has been worn over the heart of all professional New Zealand athletes and is the name of New Zealand’s international netball team. New Zealand’s rugby team and 2012 World Champions, The All Blacks, also display the silver fern on their jerseys.

There is no question that the silver fern is the most recognized symbol of New Zealand. It’s used extensively as a symbol by New Zealand’s government, trade organizations and commercial brands.


New Zealand has been described as the “land of ferns.” The silver fern represents the Julians’ homeland, and is revered within the New Zealand culture. It is symbolic of independence, perseverance, autonomy, endurance, defiance in the face of oppression, and resourcefulness. It is an image to which all New Zealanders relate and is a powerful and emotional symbol of inspiration.

Cruise Naples is proud of its newest jet boat, ODIN and wants to share some New Zealand tradition with Southwest Florida! Come and experience some of the Silver Fern tradition.

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