The Frustrations of Finding things to do in Naples, FL

The Paradise Coast of Florida is one of the ‘go to’ places for Snowbirds and international travelers alike. In planning your vacation, you’ll undoubtedly have many questions about things to do in Naples FL and where to go. You might try the Internet, visit some of the numerous travel shops or rely on word of mouth experiences.  These many options can lead to frustrations – and perhaps family debates- over choices and what the best means of contact and reference would be. Often it is decided on “Let’s go and just take a look.”

Pure Florida relieved us of all of these concerns

The option to just ‘go and check it out’ was the most popular choice for us. We had a car and knew that we would want lunch while we were out, so we headed down to Tin City and Pure Florida to see what they had to offer. We did not need to go any further because they had everything!!

We discovered by just going to their quaint sales office at the front of Tin City that they cater for a wide variety of desired activities. We were just in time for the 10:00 Sightseeing Cruise on the Double Sunshine. We decided that this would give us a great overview of the city, its history and its unique system of waterways and the nature that abounds there. We returned to the dock at 11:30 and found that we had time to do a Jet Boat Ride on the ODIN prior to lunch. We went to places that the Double Sunshine did not take us and experienced the exhilarating 360 turns that this boat can do. What a ride!!  We were in the back bays of Naples Bay, and our captain stopped and pointed out a Bald Eagle perched in a tree while a group of Cormorants filled another tree nearby. He stopped the engines for a few minutes, and we saw some dolphin playing over by the shoreline.

After that one-hour ride, we were ready for some lunch! We took advantage of this time to plan the rest of our day.  Pure Florida gave us a choice of a three-hour eco tour that stops at Keewaydin Island, or the same amount of time on a guided jet ski tour. Being the proverbial shell seeker, I said that I would do the Eco Cruise while the boys did the Jet Skis.

What a day!  We had a blast. Pure Florida gave us the answer to our frustrated efforts in the morning while deciding on things to do in Naples FL. Now about tomorrow…fishing perhaps?

Thanks Pure Florida for an AWESOME day!

Feeling a bit frustrated about how to fill your day while in Southwest Florida? Give us a call at our Naples location at (239) 263-4949.  Then again if you decide to set your anchor in Fort Myers, you’ll love our river excursions along the Caloosahatchee Waterway. You can also conveniently book online at or

-Thanks to our guest blogger for her contribution.

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