Touch a Boat Safety Day 2014 – Fort Myers, FL

What an exciting and interesting day we had last Saturday at the Touch a Boat Safety Day in Fort Myers. Wow! There was so much going on at the Marina at Edison Ford with people and activities. We arrived about 11:00 and there were already many people there taking advantage of the children’s touch tank and children’s music and other activities.

We parked our car and went across to where everything was happening to be met by representatives of the Fire Department, Traffic and Coast Guard. Texas Tony’s was in full swing in the car park with their signature Texas BBQ smell making my taste buds take off in anticipation of lunch a bit later. Children and adults listened, learned and experienced some of the safety features and equipment used today.

Walking though Pinchers Crab Shack‘s foyer, we came out to the marina to find many people, from babies in strollers to ‘moms & pops’ walking along the marina. It was great to see the number of participating vessels tied up along with Fire Boats and First Responders explaining the various aspects of safety from their perspective and purpose.

Video courtesy of Capt Ed Semon of TowBoatUS Cape Coral

An added bonus was the Naming and Blessing of M/V Edison Explorer. Following the traditional pouring of champagne on the bow, ferns were placed as a nod to the New Zealand background of owners Captains Lance and Harry Julian – the fern being a representation of the land to which all vessels return.

The Caloosahatchee River is a wonderland of wildlife and nature. A bonus is being able to step back in time and know that the view you witness as you depart is exactly the same view that drew Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to this very spot as they set out in the electric boat, “Reliance”. Many people were able to sample this “Edison Experience” with the free cruises offered aboard the Edison Explorer for the day.

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